Title: Snatch (Wife #1)

Dimensions: 28”x68”x16”

Medium: Fibre Assemblage (felted wool, found materials, metal traps, wood, glass)

Snatch (Wife #1) is a fibre assemblage exploring the depths of sexual and emotional infidelity within relationships, and the degrees of deception which accompany them.

The piece aims to connect love with betrayal, and rejection with revenge, all the while questioning the complex role that monogamy and marriage play within our society. It also examines the connection between animal and human predation pursuit and is a study of the human condition as we work to form our most intimate relationships.    

This piece was created as part of "Ruse", a pop-up group exhibit (August 26-28, 2016) in Victoria as part of Integrate Arts Festival.


snatch (Ruse: Group show)


Shannon Peck, Conceptual Artist