Shannon Peck, Conceptual Artist

​​EMPTY VESSELS - reproduction deconstructed

Project Background:

While contemplating the end of “Your Daughter is in Good Hands” a project which spanned 7 years of my life, I felt more than ready to move beyond topics related to adoption. During the last year I have explored various other areas of interest, but was continually drawn back to the notion of loss and emptiness, particularly related to identity and reproduction.  I have worked on a number of separate smaller projects in the last 12 months (Figure 1) which have in one way or another connected identity formation with reproduction and referenced the body as a container for loss.

                             (Figure 1 – The Collective Memory of Disconnect)                                                       (Figure 2 – Empty Vessel 2.0)

Last fall I began working with an artist mentor group and through that involvement have developed clarity in in my focus. The project for “Empty Vessels” began to solidify and I began developing prototypes of various shapes based loosely on the uterine form (Figure 2). During further discussions the idea of involving external input from women was suggested as a means of allowing me to gain a broader sense of women’s experiences related to identity formation and reproduction.

My goal with this project is to create and exhibit textile sculptures based on women’s personal experiences as a way to emphasize the physical aspect of how society has largely defined the role of women while also exploring the complex emotional implications and cultural undercurrents that determine women’s choices in sexual and reproductive health and social well-being.

Click here for a Draft artist statement for the Empty Vessels project

How to Participate:

If you plan on participating and we haven’t met personally or via social media, please take the time to visit my website or follow me on Instagram & Facebook to gain an understanding of who I am and the type of work I create.

To participate, all that is required is the completion of a short questionnaire which will help me in the creation of the individual textile sculptures.  Any person identifying as female is welcome to participate.  

To access the questionnaire:

Introduce yourself by emailing me through the contact form on my website or via my email at: shannon.peck@hotmail.ca and I will send you the link (which is created through Survey Monkey).

Once the questionnaire is completed, information will be automatically emailed to me.

The deadline to complete the questionnaire is March 1, 2019.  If, however, adequate responses are received prior to that date, it may close earlier.

Collection of Information and Consent:

The information collected on the questionnaire (using the Survey Monkey platform) may be used in full or in part by the Artist to create artwork based on your descriptions and experiences. The artwork may be displayed at a later date in gallery settings, on social media, art catalogs, advertising, interviews and other promotional materials.

Any artwork created will remain the property of the Artist to exhibit or dispose of respectfully. Your name will remain anonymous unless you choose to allow publication of your initials or first name only. Your contact information will be viewed only by the Artist and will be used solely for contacting you with updates on the project or for clarification. Authorization for consent is part of the questionnaire.

What’s next?

I will be reviewing responses over the next few months and will be working to develop and build sculptures based on submissions. My aim is to find a gallery to partner with to exhibit these works by the fall of 2020 or spring of 2021.

Thank you for considering taking part in this project!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly via email.

Shannon L. Peck
Chemainus, British Columbia, Canada
Email: Shannon.peck@hotmail.ca
website: www.specksurfacedesign.com